I’m a Mum of 4 kids with a cat and a hubby….

I’m guessing the about bit is to give you an insight into my blogging style…..truth be told I’m finding my feet inner writer at this point and I hope I can entertain you along the way.

I enjoying rambling  about life in general and I’m often told by friends and family that my life closely matches that of the TV series “Outnumbered” so hopefully that gives you a reasonable heads up of where I’m coming from. If you are one of the unencumbered, living it large “Yoof” of the day, I will probably bore you silly. I cannot promise large amounts of hedonism, stumbling out of night clubs at ridiculous o’clock in the morning or jet setting off for exciting adventures but I can offer some giggles, mishaps, highs and lows with a healthy of sprinkling of wine – in vito veritas and all that…..

In a previous life I worked in finance, mortgages, pensions and property management. I’ve worked between children, around children, with children on my knee when working from home (yey to the wonders of posh sounding telephone voice whilst still in my onesie…..the day they introduce cheap conference calling from home, I would be in serious trouble) and now I’m   *just* (sharp intake of breath!) a stay at home Mum. Hands up the hardest job of all. I like to think of my mothering style as very Mary Poppins cum Jo Frost but the reality is more Cruella De Ville and Edwina from AbFab (ask your parents if you don’t know who they are)

One thing I will make add as a disclaimer from the start is that some of the anecdotes that follow may well be apocryphal –  protecting the innocent and all that.  For any bits of family trivia I will make sure that the (offending) offspring involved are at least given a fair(ish) hearing and will try my best not to embarrass them unduly. Pics may or may not be forthcoming depending on the permissions of those involved.

So now that we’ve been introduced, let’s get the party, well alright the cup of tea, started. Happy reading!




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